First Aid Training in Cyprus

As unpleasant as it may be, accidents can occur anytime and anywhere – at home, at the street, in a public place or at a workplace.  First Aid Knowledge is invaluable and it could certainly save a life when needed. Furthermore Health & Safety and First Aid Training are more than just legal requirements, they are the difference between saving a life or regrettably losing a life.

FA Supplies has a strong collaboration with EMP Medic First Aid Ltd covering those needs. EMP Medic First Aid Ltd is an established company and innovator in basic first aid training with years of experience but is also the most trusted First Aid approved providers from the Ministry of Labour of Cyprus. The training’s which are either scheduled or in-company training’s can be subsidised by the HRDA (Human Resource Development Authority).

The following courses are subsidised by the HRDA (Human Resource Development Authority)

EMP Medic First Aid Ltd delivers not only the relevant theory using visual aids but also allows the delegates to practice what they have learned through practical exercises. Additionally, the teaching material has examples of real-life situations that the participants can interact and share with the instructor or with the other participants. This approach helps them to get more comfortable and confident with what they have learned so that they can be prepared when a real emergency occurs. We are proud to say that our qualified instructors provide the knowledge, the awareness and the skills needed in an emergency through their dynamic and enjoyable First Aid courses, which are appropriate for any business or company throughout Cyprus.

Most of EMP Medic First Aid Ltd courses are fully approved and fully compliant with the current legislation laid down by the Department of Labour of Cyprus.

To book a training course, or join an open course all over Cyprus please contact us using the below form or call at 777 8 777 9 :